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 Invisible nickname in chat room

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PostSubject: Invisible nickname in chat room   Thu Jul 26, 2007 12:40 am

Invisible nickname in chat room


1. login to YM
2. click log in, then click "My account info"
3. re-enter ur password the Account info window will come out
4. look Member information then click the link EDIT
5. scroll down and find general information
6. click the blue link " preffered content" Yahoo U.S.
7. choose "Yahoo china" on drop down menu
8. click finished
9. in new window, scroll down then click the left button which is the accept TOS
You'll be back again in Account information window
10. click the blue link ( on right side of window ) under your screen name
11. then choose which Sn you want to be in invisible ( click the third link on right )
12. click the upper link which is ur edit profile
13. then put this " ¡¡¡¡¡Â ¡Â¡Â¡Â¡Â¡Â¡ ‚¡Â¡Â¡Â¡Â¡Â ¡Ã‚¡Â¡Â¡Â¡ " on second box or saying nickname
14. scroll down and click the small box
15. then click the bottom button on right side
you are now again in edit profile window
16. click the bottom button which is the OK
17. click the log out link ( far right of the window )
18. then click exit ( you need to exit for this to work )
19. click again the lg in button on YM and click log out
20. Now wait 5 sec and re-enter again, and you have now the invisible nickname
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Invisible nickname in chat room
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