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 Blockin Adults Or Any Site In internet explorer

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PostSubject: Blockin Adults Or Any Site In internet explorer   Thu Jul 26, 2007 12:29 am

Subject: Blockin Adults Or Any Site In internet explorer Mon Mar 19, 2007 5:34 pm

Block explicit sites in your browser

Internet Explorer's filtering utility is dependent on sites rating themselves.

Crayon Crawler is a kid-friendly browser that automatically blocks objectionable sites.Children can easily find explicit material on the Web--and if they don't, it often finds them. If your daughter happens to type "www.girl.com" instead of "www.gURL.com," the popular site for teenage girls, she'll end up at a porn site. And until it was shut down recently, the porn site
www.whitehouse.com displayed inappropriate images to young students who probably meant to type "www.whitehouse.gov."

Sites like these, which count on erroneously entered URLs, are shut down quickly, but as soon as they are, more crop up to replace them. And the most popular Web browsers offer little in the way of blocking tools.

Mozilla Firefox offers no content filtering. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 has some tools, but they're weak. Blocking in IE is based on a self-rating system devised by the Recreational Software Advisory Council (now the Internet Content Rating Association). The downside: Most Internet sites haven't rated themselves, and if you set Internet Explorer to block all unrated sites, you'll lose access to some useful sites, including Amazon.com, Google, and even Computer Shopper.

To turn on the basic content-filtering utility in IE, follow these steps.

Go to Tools > Internet Options > Content, and in the Content Advisor box, select Enable.
In the new window, you'll see four categories: Language, Nudity, Sex, and Violence.
To enable blocking, move the slider directly below the categories to the lowest level, then click Apply.

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Blockin Adults Or Any Site In internet explorer
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