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 DEATH V1.3 by Kevin Dunn ~Red Hot~

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PostSubject: DEATH V1.3 by Kevin Dunn ~Red Hot~   Wed Jul 25, 2007 1:37 am

DEATH V1.3 by Kevin Dunn ~Red Hot~

DEATH by kEVIN DUNN V1.3 new features added:
-added the "Bumping" feature which force every bot in the list to join the desired room, or you can uncheck it to join without bumping.
-updated the "Client Kill" packets to Boot the latest updates of yazak n yahelite.
-updated the "C mode" packets to boot ymlite.
-added the room users list to have a room eye in the desired joined room.

now you can boot everybody yazak,yahelite messenger n ymlite (tested on each client with full secured settings).
here is a view

Download Link : [color=#7f7f7f]2shared.com/file/1987317/.../DeathV13.html
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DEATH V1.3 by Kevin Dunn ~Red Hot~
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